Receive money

Money sent to you from abroad through Ria Money Transfer is available for pickup at the nearest location of our partnering banks: “AIK Banka”, “Banka Poštanska štedionica”, “Komercijalna Banka”, “Direktna Banka” and “Piraeus Banka”. Together with our partnering exchange offices we provide payout service at more than 500 location across Serbia, where you can quickly and easily pickup funds sent to you from all over the world.

Send money

Sending money from Serbia is very easy and money is available to the beneficiary anywhere in the world during the same day. You can send money from any branch of “AIK Banka”, “Banka Poštanska štedionica” and “Piraeus Bank”. We provide sending services to over 148 countries around the world.

Our advantages


You just need PIN number and valid personal document to collect funds. This makes the entire service comfortable and simple.

Favorable rates

Lower fees for money transfers to Serbia. Including special offer and lower tariffs for sending money to countries in the region.

Quick and reliable

Ria works only with reliable partners and in this way, protects your funds. Money is available for payment in just a few minutes.







250 milion

satisfied users

About us

For more than 30 years, with great success, we provide a fast, secure and affordable way of receiving and sending money to our customers around the world. Today we are the third largest money transfer company in the world, with millions of paid transactions per month and over 250 million satisfied users. The Ria network includes more than 148 countries, with over 325,000 locations across the globe.


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